Rodan & Fields 


Melissa Moore

I was honestly just looking for an easy regimen to start using since we all know I was born with really good skin and I was terrible about taking care of it! Having horses and living in the Moccasin sun it was just starting to get a dull, rough look to it and the fine lines were starting to appear.  I finally was just real with myself and decided I needed to make a change and start taking care of my skin. I found Rodan & Fields through a mutual horse show friend, Meg Johnson, and she introduced me and I was hooked!.  


The picture above are my own real eyelashes on lash boost! The first slide is starting June 2nd. the Second slide is June 21st and the last two are September that same year! The pictures speak for themselves!

When Meg approached me about the business opportunity I was highly against it at first because I was so busy! But slowly over the course of a year I realized this was something I could fit into my life and existing business! If you're interested in the product give me a call or to my website here.  If you're interested in the business give me a call or send me a message and let's see if this is the right fit for you!

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